As soon as you pick up the iPhone, it wakes up and shows you an excellent lock screen. But its appearance does not change with ios’ development, so you can not feel any new dynamic feeling. Apple does not provide features by default to change it. What if your iPhone wakes up with an animation? LottieLockscreen is a free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer MiRO that lets you add a fantastic Lottie animation for your Lock Screen. A small animation will show you when you wake up the iPhone, and the developer has given a lot of features to customize it. After installation, it will provide you with a preferences pane in the settings app. The LottieLockscreen tweak animates the Time, Flashlight, and Camera icons on your lock screen.

This little tweak has been updated to be compatible with iOS 12, iOS 13, and the latest iOS 14.

Under Global Switch, you can see that there is a switch to turn the tweak on or off from the preferences. Then, there are features to customize the time and how you want the animation to work. For example, if it functions as a loop, you can configure it as a loop. Additionally, You can adjust the clock’s digit size via a slider, the clock’s vertical alignment via a slider, and the clock’s digit spacing via a slider.

Under the Quick Actions buttons, Settings are provided to animate the camera and flash and activate it as a loop. In case you may need to reset your changes. So, you also have the option to reset all settings to the default settings if you wish.

LottieLockscreen Tweak Settings

After you have made all the settings, you can apply them by tapping the Respring button in the top left corner. You can download the new LottieLockscreen tweak for free from MiRO’s personal repository via their favorite package manager.

If you’re not already using MiRO’s repository, then you can add it to your sources with this URL below:

Do you like to install LottieLockscreen for your jailbroken iPhone, or iPad? Have you installed it already? You can comment on your experience in the comments section below.

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