Apple uses several methods to protect privacy in iOS devices, and it protects your device with a passcode or some biometric authentication. It can be Face ID or Touch ID. Therefore, your iPhone or iPad will be more secure. But, in some cases, such methods are unnecessary, like when you are alone in your home. When you are not in such a risk environment, you can avoid the hassle of entering a passcode or authenticating with Face ID or Touch ID. For that, iOS developer Geometric Software has released a jailbreak tweak called IntelligentPass 4.

It intelligently stops your iOS native passcode or authentication requirement in low-risk environments, such as when settling in your home. It automatically reactivates passcode or authentication requirements when you exit a low-risk environment.

Primarily if the tweak operates on a secure Wi-Fi network, users can unlock their device without passcode or authentication methods. Additionally, you can select a way to pause when your iPhone or iPad is connected to a designated SSID over a Wi-Fi network and to a specific Bluetooth device or schedule. You can choose any method you like.

After installation, users can access the tweak specific preferences window in the Settings app to configure the IntelligentPass 4. 

IntelligentPass 4 iOS 14 Features

  • Enable or disable IntelligentPass 4 on demand
  • Enable or disable persist authentication
  • Turn on or off the tweak when connected to specific Bluetooth devices
  • Add Bluetooth devices that you would like to use to toggle the tweak
  • Toggle IntelligentPass 4 when playing music from particular apps
  • Add names of apps that you want to use to toggle the tweak
  • Enable the tweak on a schedule and enter the timeframe that you wish to disable passcode or authentication.
  • Toggle IntelligentPass 4 when connected to specific Wi-Fi networks
  • Enter the names of Wi-Fi networks that you want to use for toggling 
  • Setup extra options

In the Extra options, users can pause passcode or authentication under the following circumstances.

  • Noise Cancellation mode with AirPods Pro
  • When Airplane Mode is on
  • Connected to an Apple Watch
  • When CarPlay mode is on
  • When you are using Dark Mode
  • While Do Not Disturb mode is on
  • When connected to wired headphones
  • When in Low Power Mode

IntelligentPass 4 Repo & Download

However, IntelligentPass 4 officially supports jailbroken iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 devices. Those who want to try the tweak can buy it for $ 2.99 from the Geometric Software repository through their favorite Package Manager.

If you do not already use the Geometry Software Store, you can add it to any Cydia Sources you like via the URL below.

Would you like to control the passcode or biometric authentication on your iPhone or iPad with IntelligentPass 4? So, let us know your ideas in the comments section below.

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