Apple finally allows us to change the default browser on our iPhones with iOS 14. If you prefer another browser like Chrome or Firefox, you no longer need to settle for Safari, and you can install any browser you like. However, what if you have to switch your browser or search engine or both? We, therefore, encourage you to consider switching to a web browser called Ecosia. This article will show you how to make your default search engine Ecosia on iPhone

What is Ecosia?

Ecosia is a search engine similar to Bing or Google, which is useful for the Internet search environment.

Why you need to make Ecosia your default search engine or Web Browser?

Here’s why to set Ecosia as your default search engine or web browser. Ecosia differs from other search engines in that the company uses most of its advertising revenue to plant trees in key locations around the world.

Approximately 45 searches are required to plant a tree, and they have already planted more than 100 million trees. It also publishes a monthly report describing their money and how much they earned and spent it.

Ecosia’s goal is to fight climate change and a better environment by providing a free service that all people use every day. 

Using Ecosia as a search engine or web browser, we can indirectly contribute to protecting the environment for future generations.

Since Ecosia has updated its app to support iOS 14, you have the opportunity to choose Ecosia as your default web browser on the iPhone. However, after the update to iOS 14.3, you can set up Ecosia as the default search engine on your iPhone in Safari.

You have several options to set Ecosia as your default search engine and web browser. Or you can set it as your default search engine. If you choose the other, you can use another browser, such as Safari or Chrome, by default in the Ecosia search engine.

How to make Ecosia your default search engine on iPhone?

To make Ecosia your default search engine, make sure your iPhone is updated to iOS 14.3 or later. Open Settings > Safari > Search Engine, then tap Ecosia. That’s all.

How to make Ecosia your default web browser on iPhone?

Setting up Ecosia as your default web browser is also simple. First of all, download the Ecosia app from the App Store. Now, open Settings > Ecosia > Default Browser app and select Ecosia. Alternatively, you can access the same settings from Settings > Safari > Default Browser.

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