What if you could view your YouTube subscriber count on the home screen of your iPhone without accessing your YouTube account? Fortunately, you can view your YouTube subscriber count on your home screen once you have installed the perfect and free YouTube Subscriber Count widget for your iPhone or iPad’s home screen. Especially, knowing the subscriber count can keep you motivated to create new content and help you understand how your channel is performing. This article will show you how to add YouTube Subscriber Count Widget on iPhone or iPad.

While you can check your current subscriber count using the YT Studio app for iPhone, a dedicated YouTube Subscriber Count Widget on the home screen would make your life much easier.

There is no home screen widget in the YouTube or YT Studio apps to display subscriber counts. With the help of the free Social Widget app, you can get a subscriber’s widget.

The good thing about the Social Widget app is that it is free to use and includes a free YouTube Subscriber Count Widget. However, a premium version of the app gives you more customization options, but you don’t have to pay something if you don’t want those features.

How to add YouTube Subscriber Count Widget on iPhone

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on adding YouTube Subscriber Count Widget to iPhone or iPad’s home screen.

  1. Download the Social Widgets Follower Count app from the AppStore
  2. Open the app and tap on the My widgets tab from the bottom bar
  3. Then, tap on Add button and select the widget type. If you do not own the Pro version of the app, choose the first small widget
  4. Tap on the Add more accounts option and select YouTube from the list on the next screen. (If you want to view followers on a different social account, select those apps instead of YouTube). Then tap on Next.
  5. Enter the URL of your YouTube channel and tap the Save button.
  6. Next, you can customize the widget by changing the theme, colors, and fonts, and tap on the Create button to save your new widget.
  7. Then, tap and hold anywhere on the home screen to enter home screen edit mode, and then tap on the [+] button from the top left corner.
  8. Scroll down and tap on the SocialWidget app.
  9. Choose the small widget and tap on Add Widget button.
  10. Next, tap on the widget you added and tap on the Choose option to select the Template.
  11. Finally, select the widget, and tap Done.

That’s it. Your YouTuber subscriber count widget should now appear on the home screen of your iPhone or iPad. You can also modify it by going to the My widgets page in the SocialWidget app.

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