Microsoft is set to launch its latest Windows 11 online event on June 24. The rumour about Windows 11 is currently gaining popularity across the web. Furthermore, the Windows 11 leaks are getting more robust, and it is true. This is further confirmed by the recent release of several versions of Windows 11 over the Internet. At the same time, Windows 11 Wallpapers have now been released with new screenshots. If you are interested in wallpapers, here you can download windows 11 wallpapers in high-quality.

Windows 11 Details

Windows 10 was first released by Microsoft in 2015, and they said that Windows 10 is their last Windows update. They also said that Windows 10 would be upgraded with the updates. Since then, all Windows 10 users have been using the same layout over the years without much user interface change. But Microsoft is not unaware that users will be bored of using the same Windows for a long time.

So, it looks like Microsoft has finally heard what fans want over the years. Microsoft is all set to bring a new major update called Windows 11. In particular, they will make a big update in Windows 11, significant changes to Windows 11 UI, which is expected to increase Windows users’ confidence.

Among those changes, we can expect rounded corners for Windows 11 tabs, widgets, new wallpapers, a new interface for Windows startup, new animations, a different Windows setup, a new Start menu, a new Windows and Start icons, and much more. But all this is still just rumors. As you know, Windows 11 comes with new wallpapers. You will get that official Windows 11 wallpapers here.

Windows 11 Wallpapers

Microsoft always offers Windows 10, as well as a more extensive range of wallpapers with Windows 11. There are two new built-in wallpapers, 16 themed wallpapers, and six for the lock screen. Specifically, these wallpapers were extracted from the Windows 11 test build. These Windows 11 wallpapers are a striking blue aesthetic wallpaper that you can see by checking the preview below.

Download Windows 11 Wallpapers

Currently, we have two Windows 11 wallpapers of the same design, both light, and dark. Both Windows 11 wallpapers have a resolution of 3840×2400. Here you can download the complete Windows 11 wallpapers from the Google Drive link.

Windows 11 Wallpapers for iPhone

I resized these wallpapers to fit iPhone 12 Pro max and the all other iPhones. You can download these wallpapers in 1404×3040 pixels resolution. 

Additionally, You can also download more wallpapers in our Stock Wallpapers section and the If you have any queries, you can put them in the comments box and share this article with your friends.

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