I love decorating my iPhone 12 Pro Max with dark wallpapers. The specialty is that when I look at my iPhone screen, it does not bother my eyes. Also, the dark wallpaper is compatible with iOS Dark Mode, which gives the iPhone a great look. This article’s Dark iPhone 12 Pro Max Wallpapers pack brings both minimalist and dark-colored backgrounds to bring an incredible charm to your home and lock screen. 

This wallpaper collection consists of 4 dark color wallpapers such as dark red, dark purple, dark blue, and dark brown. I think these wallpapers are helpful for those who like dark wallpapers. So, I get you to download these wallpapers for iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Download Dark iPhone 12 Pro Max Wallpapers

These Wallpapers were designed by me, and they fit perfectly with your latest iPhone 12 Pro Max. Also, the wallpapers are compatible with other iPhone models like iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 11 series, and older versions of iPhones. All the iPhone-size wallpapers are available in 1404×3040 pixels resolution.

Note: All the images below are the preview of the Dark Wallpapers So, you can use the link below to download the original resolution wallpaper.

Dark Red iPhone 12 Pro Max Wallpaper

Dark Purple iPhone 12 Pro Max Wallpaper

Download Dark Blue iPhone 12 Pro Max Wallpaper

Download Dark Brown iPhone 12 Pro Max Wallpaper

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If you would like this Dark Wallpapers collection, you also can share it with your friends. Be sure to share your ideas in the comment section below. Additionally, You can also download more amazing wallpapers in our Wallpapers section and the iPhoneipapers.com.

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