Continuing our unrelenting coverage of new jailbreak tweak releases, we have covered some of the best jailbreak tweaks for personalizing specific facets of iOS 14. So, we’ve already covered the best tweaks for Control Center, Now Playing Interface, and Keyboard on iOS 14. This week we’ll focus on the wallpaper. Significantly, the wallpaper is the first thing users see when their device is woken up, and it’s a very personal thing for them. Given these circumstances, everyone would want the best wallpaper user experience they can get, and wallpaper jailbreak tweaks will help with that. So, let’s see what the best wallpaper tweaks for iOS 14 are.

These wallpaper tweaks for iOS 14 are often used to enhance the aesthetic appearance or personalization options to your iOS’ Home screen or Lock screen.

Free Wallpaper Tweaks iOS 14

  1. Eneko
  2. DoABarrelWall
  3. AutoWall
  4. Amelija
  5. Edictus
  6. SafariWallpaper
  7. iPhone 11 Pro Live Wallpapers

Paid Wallpaper Tweaks iOS 14

  1. Eva – $1.49
  2. Vartaman – $1.99

So, without wasting any more of your time, we’ll dive into it.

Best Wallpaper tweaks for iOS 14

Eneko – Free

One of the best tweaks to enjoy an enhanced wallpaper user experience on a jailbroken iPhone or iPad running iOS or iPadOS 14. It replaces the standard wallpaper image file with a video file instead. Simply, Eneko tweak is an animated wallpaper tweak that will animate your Home Screen and the Lock Screen by adding video wallpapers. Moreover, the tweak allows users to apply video wallpapers to the Control Center too.

Nevertheless, the tweak lets you select a video that you have personally recorded, downloaded, and imported into your photo library from the Internet or a third-party application.

You can learn more about the Eneko tweak and how it works in our full review.

DoABarrelWall – Free

DoABarrelWall is one of the other best wallpaper tweaks for iOS 14 to enjoy an enhanced wallpaper user experience. Typically, some users keep the same wallpaper on the screen for a long time, and some do not. So, if you, too, are looking for diversity on your device’s screen, the DoABarrelWall tweak quickly does it.

Simply, the DoABarrelWall tweak lets you choose some of your favorite wallpapers. Then every time you put your device to sleep or wake up, or when you close an app, the tweak shuffles your wallpapers and randomly displays them on your home screen and lock screen. You can configure it with tweak preferences.

You can learn more about the DoABarrelWall and how it works in our full review.

AutoWall – Free

iOS developer Julio Verne developed AutoWall tweak for iOS 14, and it lets you have time-centric dynamic wallpapers on your iPhone or iPad. In other words, the AutoWall tweak allows you to switch wallpapers by scheduling the wallpaper through the date selector of your choice from the tweak settings.

Download: AutoWall (Free)


Amelija – Free

If you have applied a beautiful colored wallpaper to your home screen but the app icons on it seem to distract your eyes too much, perhaps giving a slight blur effect may be the solution you are looking for.

Amelija is a free jailbreak tweak that gives you a customizable blur effect on the wallpaper of your iPhone or iPad. So, it helps to balance app icons’ over-powering and prevent discomfort to your eyes when trying to focus on them.

You can learn more about the Amelija tweak and how it works in our full review.

Edictus – Free

There is no doubt that users will love the dark mode interface of our iPhones and iPads. Therefore, Apple specially designed its system wallpapers in iOS and iPad to adapt to the system’s dark mode settings.

But if you want to do the same with your third-party wallpapers, a jailbreak tweak called Edictus allows you to customize your dynamic wallpapers based on your system’s dark mode setting.

It also allows you to,

  • Create Dynamic Wallpapers from your Photo Library
  • Create Live Wallpapers with videos from your Photo Library
  • Random Images: Create Wallpapers using images loaded from the Internet
  • Image Pinning
  • Set Wallpapers from Settings, as a stock Wallpaper
  • Delete Wallpapers from in-app Settings

Edictus is also compatible with the iPad.

Download: Edictus (Free)


SafariWallpaper – Free

SafariWallpaper allows users to customize safari a little by setting a wallpaper, configuring the bookmarks, and enable you to personalize your iPhone beyond Apple’s limitations. The tweak is compatible with iOS 13 and iOS 14 devices.

Download: SafariWallpaper (Free)


iPhone 11 Pro Live Wallpapers – Free

iPhone 11 Pro Live Wallpapers is a newly released and free add-on that ports all iPhone 11 Pro Live Wallpapers to your jailbroken iPhone on running iOS 13 or 14.

New live wallpapers appear under the live section in the Wallpaper Preferences window in the settings app, and this collection includes four colors to choose from. Also, each wallpaper comes with two dynamic designs, like a dark mode or a light mode.

Download: iPhone 11 Pro Live Wallpapers (Free)


Eva – $1.49

Eva is a wallpaper tweak that allows you to have scrolling and parallax wallpapers on your iOS and iPadOS device in an efficient way. It is compatible with iPhones and iPads running iOS 13 and iOS 15. Furthermore, the developer states that the tweak will not cause extra battery drain on your device.

Eva tweak allows you to,

  • Set a scrolling wallpaper that automatically adjusts to fit how many pages you have
  • Set a custom parallax amount (wallpaper movement multiplier) to create stunning wallpaper effects
  • Enable or disable continuous scrolling (disable page snapping)
  • Choose a random wallpaper that fits the number of pages you have automatically
  • Specify automatic refresh time
  • Save the current wall or refresh it on demand
  • Automatically change Adaptive wallpapers between dark and light mode

Download: Eva ($1.49)


Vartaman – $1.99

You may be bored looking at the same wallpaper all day on your iPhone or iPad. Therefore, Vartaman is a wallpaper tweak that provides you with a way to change your device wallpaper at different times of the day and on-demand wallpaper switching via Activator.

It also allows you to,

  • Use the local album to cycle through the wallpapers such as Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night Schedule
  • Apply a blur effect to wallpapers
  • Downloads the best featured random images from the Internet (According to the keywords provided)
  • Customize time for each Schedule through an easy-to-use time picker
  • Cycle wallpapers every X hour as part of random Schedule
  • Resize images as per screen size
  • And more

Download: Vartaman ($1.99)


There is an infinite number of ways to get the most out of your wallpaper experience with a jailbroken iPhones running iOS 14. But the above is some of the best wallpaper tweaks for iOS 14 I know. If you know more wallpaper tweaks iOS 14, be sure to share them in the comments section below.

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