So, continuing our ongoing coverage of new jailbreak tweak releases, we have covered some of the best jailbreak tweaks for personalizing specialized areas of the iOS 14 Operating System. However, we’ve already covered the best Control Center tweaks for iOS 14 and best Media Player Tweaks for iOS 14. But this article will focus on how to increase the user experience for the keyboard of your jailbroken iPhone by showcasing some of the best Keyboard Jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14. Some tweaks are free, while others are paid. But they are all worth a look.

These keyboard tweaks for iOS 14 are often used to bring extra features or customization options to your iOS’ keyboard.

So, without wasting any more of your time, we’ll dive into it.

Paid Keyboard Jailbreak Tweaks

  1. ProKeys – $1.99
  2. Key+ – $0.50
  3. SwipeExtenderX – $2.49

Free Keyboard Jailbreak Tweaks

  1. Loupe
  2. Dark Keys Reborn
  3. DisablePasteTips
  4. BluetoothNoClicks
  5. Unique
  6. Shortmoji 2
  7. BarMoji
  8. DockX
  9. DoubleCut
  10. KBColor
  11. Marker
  12. Copypasta

Best Keyboard Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 14

ProKeys – $1.99

One of the things you can expect from jailbreaking your iPhone is to change the look and behavior of your device, and ProKeys is a jailbreak tweak that can enhance the user experience by providing these capabilities on the keyboard of your jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

Significantly, the ProKeys tweak allows you to colorize the keyboard, change keyboard animations, and enable haptic feedback while you type. The ProKeys installation gives you a completely different keyboard to the iOS native keyboard, allowing you to have a unique keyboard experience that will surprise your non-jailbroken friends.

You can learn everything about ProKeys in our full review.

Key+ – $0.50

Key+ is an excellent tweak that allows you to effectively use the unused space on the keyboard interface with more useful commands and shortcuts. The tweak includes text editing shortcuts such as cut, copy, and paste, customize the output of key swipes, quickly insert pasteboard items, and a quick access Emoji bar.

You can learn everything about Key+ in our full review.

SwipeExtenderX – $2.49

Swipe ExtenderX is a jailbreak tweak designed to go beyond the limitations of the native iOS keyboard and make the most of it. Especially, it allows you to perform up to 27 different actions with different gestures quickly.

So, you can assign powerful typing functions to specific keys that are activated when you swipe the key in any direction. These can be text editing actions such as copy, paste, select all, delete, or anything else.

Download from the chariz’s repo: SwipeExtenderX ($2.49)


When you edit the text in iOS 14, you will notice that Apple had removed the magnifying glass when you tried to select text or move the cursor. So, the Loupe tweak allows you to bring back the pre-existing Magnifying Glass feature to the iOS 14.

Download from the udevs repo: Loupe (Free) 

Dark Keys Reborn

Many iPhone and iPad users liked the Dark Mode. But, when you enabled the Dark Mode, the keyboard is not as dark as possible. So, Dark Keys Reborn, released by iOS developer paisseon, gives a proper dark keyboard for iOS 14. The tweak turns the background of the keyboard and the keyboard keys darker.

Download from the paisseon’s repo: Dark Keys reborn (Free)


When an iPhone or iPad user paste text anywhere in iOS or iPadOS 14, they are displayed by a Paste Tip at the top of the display, allowing you to know what app the content came from.

Some users love these tips, and some are not. So, if you don’t like those tips, the DisablePasteTips tweak is for you. It effectively stops them from popping up every time you paste any text. The tweak is compatible with iOS 14.

Download from the BigBoss repo: DisablePasteTips (Free)


BluetoothNoClicks is more useful when you use Bluetooth audio devices more often. Significantly, the tweak by iOS developer MiRO92 and effectively cancels the typing sounds on iPhone whenever you’re connected to any of the Bluetooth audio devices.

The tweak supports jailbroken iOS & iPadOS 13 and 14 devices.

Download from the MiRO92’s repo: BluetoothNoClicks (Free)


If you want to access the UDID of your iPhone, accessing it is usually a convoluted process. So, unique jailbreak tweak allows you to acquire the UDID of your device by swiping on your keyboard.

You can learn more about Unique tweak in our full review.

Download from the TitanD3V repo: Unique (Free)

Shortmoji 2

Shortmoji 2 is the most detailed jailbreak tweak for the iOS 14 keyboard. Furthermore, Shortmoji 2 is a free all-in-one alternative for free and paid tweaks such as Barmoji, ColorBoard, AnywherePredict, DockX, HapticKeys, HomeBarSizer, KeyShortcut Pro, Textyle, and more.

It uses the unused space at the bottom of the keyboard. It also allows you to add keyboard shortcuts, making keyboard keys exhibit haptic feedback, making Emoji easier to access, colorizing the keyboard interface, and much more.

Download from the MiRO92’s repo: Shortmoji 2 (Free)


Like Shortmoji 2, DockX uses the unused space at the bottom of the keyboard. It adds pasteboard shortcuts to your keyboard dock in iOS 14.

Download from the udevs repo: DockX (Free)


DoubleCut is a fantastic keyboard tweak that lets you bind text to a specific key. Especially, the tweak allows you to insert the text by performing double tap, triple tap, or hold.

For example, let’s assume that your email has been replaced by the @ sign in the DoubleCut settings, so if you want to insert an email address anywhere. So, all you have to do is only double-tap the @ key.

Download from the BigBoss repo: DoubleCut (Free)


One of the things that most jailbreakers are tempted to customize is the iPhone keyboard. So, if you want to give the keyboard a new choice, a new tweak called KBColor offers you enough customization to change the keyboard’s color in iOS 14.

However, it provides many different options to change the color of your iPhone’s keyboard interface, the scroll bar, icon labels, and notification badges.

You can learn more about KBColor in our full review.


Marker by iOS developer MiRO is a better and easier way to move the cursor and select text on iOS. It is also an alternative for Trackpad and a modern alternative for SwipeSelection.

Download from the MiRO92’s repo: Marker (Free)


Copypasta is also an excellent jailbreak tweak improving the clipboard manager on iOS 13 and 14. The minimal clipboard manager allows users to copy multiple items to the clipboard and select them anywhere in iOS.

Copypasta displays the history of copied texts, links like a list on the clipboard. If you need to paste any of those copied items, Copypasta automatically inserts it wherever your cursor is at that time.

You can learn more about Copypasta in our full review.

Now that you’ve installed some of the best keyboard jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14 on your iPhone, it’s time to start customizing your keyboard. Using these tweaks, you can transform the experience of using your iPhone keyboard to fit your preferences exactly.

So, if you know more keyboard tweaks, be sure to share them in the comments section below.

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