Most smartphone users have various social media apps installed on their devices. However, some social media apps lack specific features that users need. So, jailbreaking the device allows users to get their desired functionality. will continue its long tradition of improving jailbreak tweak discovery in this roundup by highlighting what we feel are the most awesome jailbreak tweaks for upgrading the Instagram app on iOS 14. Here are some of the best Instagram tweaks iOS 14.

The best Instagram tweaks iOS 14

Rocket for Instagram

Rocket for Instagram is one of the best Instagram tweaks for iOS 14 and could be categorized as an Instagram user’s dream tweak. Because the tweak lets users do things that the photo and video sharing social network don’t want users to do. Nevertheless, they’re things probably the users have wanted for a long time.

If you’re a power Instagram user and looking for a jailbreak tweak to enhance your abilities within the app and experience features that no stock user will ever get. So, Rocket for Instagram may assist you.

Rocket for Instagram not only gives jailbreakers the features that are missing from Instagram, but it also gives them complete control over the app.

The tweak enriches the Instagram app with loads of features. You can,

  • Download posts from your feed
  • Share posts with a single click
  • Zoom on posts using a long press gesture
  • Copy captions with a single tap
  • Save stories to your library
  • View stories anonymously
  • Disable auto-advancing between stories
  • Show whether users follow you back
  • Zoom on profile pictures using a long press gesture
  • Disable read receipts in messages
  • Save media messages to your library
  • Disable screenshot notifications in messages
  • And more

Download: Rocket for Instagram (Free) / Rocket Pro: $4.50

Tweak Repos:

  • BigBoss

Plus for Instagram

Plus for Instagram is a lightweight and all-in-one tweak to enhance and unlock Instagram’s full potential for users. Once installed, users can do many things they couldn’t do before on the stock Instagram app with Plus for Instagram.

Plus for Instagram Features

The tweak also offers many features, and they are as follows,

  • See Unsent Direct Message (see any unsent message, pictures, or even videos from any users without any problem)
  • Comment Translation (translate any user’s comment natively, without any limitations)
  • Focus mode (removes all of the media from Instagram while only keeping crucial functions such as Direct Message and Story to work)
  • Remove disrupting ads (disable any story or feed ads with a straightforward switch)
  • Media Downloader (Download direct message replays, igtv video, reels video or any kind of media that is available on Instagram quickly only pressing one button)
  • Watch Story or Live without them knowing (see any Instagram user Story or even Live without them knowing)
  • Story Video Editor (easily trim any videos directly from Instagram without having to switch between apps)
  • Copy Comment Text (copy comment text on Instagram with Plus for Instagram, and copy Instagram comment that contains a link, the tweak will detect for any links and copy that to your clipboard)
  • Avoid accidentally pressing the like or follow button on posts, profiles
  • Low Data Mode (Easily hide those explore, post, or activity buttons with just a button switch)
  • Show total likes and views (This feature will unlock the ability to see total likes and views that removed by default)
  • Add Unlimited Accounts (add as many Instagram accounts as you want)
  • Full-Resolution Profile Picture (the tweak will show you the full-resolution version of the user’s profile picture)
  • Disable Quick Reactions (disable quick reactions on Story, Live, or the comment section)
  • Unlimited Media Replay in Direct Message (see some of your friends’ interesting replays an unlimited number of times)
  • Disable Typing Status in Direct Message
  • Disable Message Marked as Seen in Direct Message

Download: Plus for Instagram (Regular Option – Free / Premium Option – $4.99)


Instagram No Ads

Especially, Instagram No Ads is a free & open-source tweak for Instagram on iOS 14. The tweak name implies that it removes the new feeds and stories ads on Instagram, and also one of the best Instagram tweaks iOS 14.

You can configure options via tweak settings.

  • Remove Ads (News Feeds and Stories)
  • Download media (Photos, Videos, IGTV, Stories, Reels, press and hold to show download option)
  • Save HD Profile Picture (Press and hold to show download option)
  • Show like count
  • Determine if a user is following you
  • Disable DM seen and Story seen receipt
  • Unlimited Replay Direct Messages
  • Like confirmation
  • Add App lock such as Face ID or Touch ID to unlock)
  • Support latest Instagram version

Download: Instagram No Ads (Free)

Tweak Repos:

  • BigBoss


Rhino is also a lightweight and straightforward best Instagram tweaks iOS 14 with powerful features for Instagram users who wish the app had to save things they see in their news feeds.

This tweak effectively offers excellent downloading options to your Instagram app’s news feed for photos and videos. You may choose the download quality, among other things, in addition to downloading anything you want.

Once installed, you can access tweak settings on the settings page.


  • Download Reels and feed images and videos
  • View all user’s profile image
  • Determine if users are following you
  • Download images and videos in your inbox
  • View disappearing photos/videos for an unlimited duration


  • Download story images and videos, Live Videos
  • Disable marking stories as seen
  • Hide Live chats during live streams
  • Block story ads


  • View unsent messages
  • Download all user’s posts
  • Filter user’s posts
  • Like confirmation
  • Haptic feedback
  • Auto Like Reels
  • Auto Follow users in the Reels explore page
  • Quickly approve Follow Requests and Suggested Users
  • Add an extra layer of security with Face ID/Touch ID to view the Instagram App

Download: Rhino (Free / Full Version: $3.99)

Repo: BigBoss


DLEasy is not an Instagram tweak, but it allows jailbreakers to download and share images and videos quickly. It is compatible with the Instagram app for iOS 14 and various social media apps such as Facebook, Flickr, Likee, LinkedIn, Messenger, MeWe, Pinterest, Reddit, TikTok, Tumblr, Twitch, Tweetbot, VK, WhatsApp, and YouTube.

Download: DLEasy ($1.99)


Are you looking for more jailbreak tweaks?

So, here are some of the best Instagram tweaks iOS 14. If you use Instagram tweaks that I have not mentioned above, be sure to share in the comments section below.

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