The Status Bar is an essential element on your iPhone or iPad that displays pertinent information about your device, including the time, current battery level, current wireless signal strength like cellular or Wi-Fi, and much more. As you know, many apps hide the Status Bar from view when you want to see it. But some apps even display the Status Bar when you want to hide it. Sadly, Apple does not offer configurations to alleviate these concerns. That’s why various developers have released many Status Bar-hiding jailbreak tweaks. So, if you have been looking to hide the iOS status bar, here are some of the best hide status bar tweaks iOS 14.

The best hide Status Bar Tweaks iOS 14


Hijack is a status bar jailbreak tweak that gives you complete control of your device’s status bar. It allows you to selectively hide the status bar on the lock screen, home screen, control center, and within desired apps.

Significantly, these options are configurable from within the settings app but don’t require a respring to effect the changes. Furthermore, if you need to know more about how it works, then tweak is open-source on the developer’s GitHub page.

Download: Hijack (Free)

Repo: BigBoss

Clean Home Screen

Clean Home Screen is the best hide status bar tweak iOS 14 that helps you remove all the clutter from your home screen and lock screen and offers you a simple and clean app launching experience. If a specific iOS element you like is missing, simply open the Clean Home Screen panel in the Settings app and then turn off the toggle on the element you want to unhide.

Especially, it lets you remove,

  • Notification badges
  • Dock background
  • App names
  • Home screen page dots
  • Status bar
  • Lock screen page dots
  • Unlock text
  • Lock screen date
  • Notification center hints
  • Lock screen Today view
  • Home screen Today view
  • Lock screen Floating buttons (Notched devices only)
  • Home indicator (Notched devices only)

Download: Clean Home Screen (Free)


Peep Reborn

Peep Reborn is an awesome jailbreak tweak that allows users to hide their status bar with a single tap gesture and bring it back with a single tap again.

You can learn all about Peep Reborn tweak in our full review post.

Lynx 2

Lynx 2 is an excellent all-in-one jailbreak tweak, and it has an option to hide your jailbroken iPhone or iPad’s status bar on the lock screen and home screen.

To do that, you need to access the Lynx 2 settings panel > Status Bar > Scroll down until the HIDING section. Then, there are three hiding options: Hide everywhere, Hide on Home Screen, and Hide on Lock Screen. However, you can enable or disable all the options or only one option.

Buy: Lynx 2 ($2.00)


Hide Statusbar Items X(12)

Hide Statusbar Items X(12) is one of another status bar tweaks that hides status bar items. It also allows you to hide and show certain things in the status bar individually. Primarily, you can choose where to hide them from the control center, APP, lock screen, or home screen.

Download: Hide Statusbar Items X(12) (Free)



Wonderbar tweak enables you to customize your entire status bar, from the text color to the battery icon. Furthermore, it also includes an option to hide the status bar on iOS 14.

Wonderbar Features

  • Customize the status bar text color
  • Customize the status bar text content
  • Display the date above the time
  • Hide the Status Bar
  • Control your Wi-Fi and Cellular icon’s colors
  • Display your battery percentage within the icon
  • Control your battery’s colors (interior, exterior, and lighting color)
  • Control the size of the battery icon
  • Replace the battery icon with a percentage

Download: Wonderbar (Free)



ForceBar is a handy tweak that can show or hide the status bar in a specific app.

If you want to show the Status Bar in an app that doesn’t typically show it, you’d enable it and then select the app. If you’re going to hide the Status Bar in an app that typically indicates it, you can do the same thing.

Download: ForceBar (Free)

Repo: BigBoss


WaveAway is an all-in-one free jailbreak tweak iOS 14 that offers various helpful options to customize your iPhone’s operating system. Among them, there is an option to hide the status bar on your jailbroken iPhone.

You can learn all about WaveAway tweak in our full review post.

Springtomize 5

Springtomize 5 is the oldest and the best all-in-one jailbreak tweak, and it allows you to hide status bar items individually. Once installed, you can access the tweak settings > Status Bar (Scroll to the bottom) > Hide items you want from the status bar.

You can learn all about Springtomize 5 in our full review post.

Are you looking for more jailbreak tweaks?

So, here are some of the best hide Status Bar Tweaks iOS 14. If you use hide Status Bar tweaks that I have not mentioned above, be sure to share in the comments section below.

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