At, we mainly focus on enhancing the ability to discover the best jailbreak tweak for our readers, and we know how difficult it can be to find the best jailbreak tweaks for a specific facet of the device and an app. Therefore, we try to make this guide more approachable. We have already shared some of the best jailbreak tweaks for specific facets and apps. And today, we’ll bring you some of the best Facebook Tweaks iOS 14 to enhance the Facebook user experience on jailbroken iPhones and iPad.

As everyone knows, Facebook is the most popular social media website and used social media App worldwide. Many users have installed the app on their iPhones, and thankfully, the developer has added more valuable features to the Facebook app.

Therefore, everyone loves the app for giving them the ability to watch videos and upload videos. Unfortunately, the developer doesn’t provide an option to download Facebook videos on your iPhone by default. If you have jailbroken your iPhone, you can experience additional functionality such as landscape mode, video downloader, and in-app messenger that the developer has not been added.

Below are the best Facebook jailbreak tweaks to make your Facebook better, and these Facebook Tweaks iOS 14 work well on iOS 14. By installing these tweaks for the Facebook app, you can block annoying ads, download videos, and more.

So, without wasting any more of your time, let’s jump into it.

Facebook Tweaks iOS 14


Wolf is an all-in-one tweak for the Facebook app on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad. iOS developer Michael Lema has developed and released this updated Facebook tweak, and has powerful features such as,

  • Disable marking messages as seen
  • Disable typing status in messages
  • Hide/disable feed ads
  • Disable marking stories
  • Disable auto-advance in stories
  • Save Story images and videos
  • Hide/disable story ads
  • Save Feed videos by long-pressing the video

Once installed, you can access the tweak settings on Facebook’s settings page.

Download: Wolf (Free)

Wolf Repo: BigBoss

DLEasy – $1.99

DLEasy is not a Facebook tweak, but it allows you to download images and videos from social apps like Facebook and more. If you want to download a video from Facebook, you can long-press on it to save the video. DLEasy tweak makes video downloading easier never before.

Once installed, you can configure DLEasy from Settings.

Buy: DLEasy ($1.99)

DLEasy Repo:


FBSpNOsor is a Facebook tweak to remove sponsored and suggested posts, videos from the Facebook app. Significantly, the tweak only provides an option to enable or disable the tweak from the Settings app.

Download: FBSpNOsor (Free)

FBSpNOsor repo:


When the dark mode of the Facebook app is enabled, its background will be gray color and not true black. However, the developer doesn’t provide any option to change the app color by default. That is, you cannot choose custom colors for the Facebook app.

FacebookDarkMode is a Facebook jailbreak tweak that lets you set the custom background color you want, and the tweak comes with 17 predefined themes. Primarily, the tweak only works with the Dark mode on iPhone.

Download: FacebookDarkMode (Free)

FacebookDarkMode Repo:

Facebook No Ads

Facebook No Ads is one of the best ad blocking tweaks for the Facebook app. So, if you only want to block ads on the Facebook app, this is the tweak you have been looking for. The tweak not only blocks ads but also offers you many valuable features like below,

  • Download Facebook stories and videos (long press to download)
  • Choosing Only Me for your profile picture
  • Disable Story Seen (See friends’ story without letting them know)
  • HideComposer on News Feed, and Stories on News Feed

Download: Facebook No Ads (Free)

Facebook No Ads Repo:


NoMoreFBStories is a simple tweak that disables swipe cam in FB stories. In other words, this tweak disables the camera that shows up when you tap on the Create Story feature. The tweak doesn’t provide any options to configure.

Download: NoMoreFBStories (Free)

NoMoreFBStories Repo: BigBoss

However, the significant improvement on Facebook has a great impact on the Facebook user experience.

Here are some of the best Facebook Tweaks iOS 14 I know. So, if you know more jailbreak tweaks for Facebook, be sure to share them in the comments section below.

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