Previously, we showed you some of the best jailbreak tweaks for customizing and enhancing some facets on your jailbroken iOS 14 device. You can find them at the end of this article. Like that, there’s another essential element to expand the user experience. That is, jailbreak tweaks enhance the user experience of charging your jailbroken iOS 14 device. Here are the best charging tweaks iOS 14 to the best charging experience on your jailbroken iPhone.

The best jailbreak tweaks for charging iOS 14

So, without wasting any more of your time, let’s dive into it.

MagSafe Enabler

MagSafe Enabler is a great jailbreak tweak that lets you enable new native MagSafe Charge Animation on the lock screen on a jailbroken iPhone running iOS 14 that does not support MagSafe charging.

However, this simple tweak doesn’t give you a MagSafe charging capability for iPhone. But, the MagSafe Enabler tweak provides the charging animation displayed on a MagSafe-capable iPhone when connected to a MagSafe power source or a non-MagSafe charger.

Primarily, the tweak doesn’t provide any options to configure. It is also compatible with iOS 14.1 and above versions of iOS and is open-sourced on Github.

Download: MagSafe Enabler (Free)

MagSafe Enabler Repo: BigBoss


If you use MagSafe Enabler, it only provides the native MagSafe animation. But if you expect a higher degree of customization, the Electrifying tweak is for you.

Mainly, the tweak allows jailbreakers to customize the MagSafe charging animation. And it also upgrades and presents the native Low Power alert to be much more aesthetically pleasing. In other words, the Electrifying tweak offers you a redesigned low battery alert and MagSafe charging animation on the lock screen.

Download: Electrifying (free)

Electrifying Repo:


When your iPhone or iPad is being charged, the battery level percentage will rise, and while discharging, the battery level percentage will fall accordingly.

Axe is a simple battery tweak that uses a slow-shifting color gradient to colorize the Status Bar and Lock Screen battery indicator based on the battery percentage on your jailbroken iPhone.

You can learn more about Axe and how it works in our full review post.


Some iPhone users are interested in the battery level for a long time to ensure that the battery does not die quickly. By default, the iOS operating System indicates a green color battery icon fill for any battery level above 20%, and less than 20%, it turns red. 

However, iOS developer ExeRhythm has changed the battery colorization experience by releasing a new battery jailbreak tweak called Batterain. Like the Axe tweak above, it simply colors the iOS 14’s battery indicator with a slow-shifting color gradient based on how much battery you have left.

You can know more about Batterain and how it works in our full review post.


There is nothing more confusing than draining the battery of your iPhone in the middle of a game or watching the climax of your favorite movie. So, instead of shutting down a game you’ve been playing or watching a movie for a while before your device’s battery level reaches 0%, would you not want to run it until the last bit of your iPhone battery? So, iOS developer ExeRhythm has released a free battery jailbreak tweak called SpeedrunTime that allows jailbreakers to utilize every last bit of power of their iPhone battery before the device shuts down.

In short, it gives you a final warning at 1% battery percentage, and it’s time you must speedily connect your device to a charger.

Download: SpeedrunTime (Free)

SpeedrunTime Repo:

Total Charge Tones

Total Charge Tones is an awesome MobileSubstrate battery tweak that plays a selected tone alert when your battery is charged to 100% percentage. Primarily, it’s beneficial if your device doesn’t want to be connected to a power source all day. And you are notified when to disconnect from power when your device no longer needs it.

Download: Total Charge Tones (Free)

Total Charge Tones Repo: BigBoss


When navigating to the battery section of the Settings app, users can see Battery Health on their iPhones. Therefore, users can get an idea and determine how used device’s internal battery might be. 

As you know, Apple has provided a Battery Health section on iOS for iPhones to monitor this degradation. But that is not available on iPod touches or iPads running iOS or iPadOS 14. 

So, BatteryHealthEnabler(iPad/iPod) is a simple tweak that enables a Battery Health section for those devices.

Downlaod: BatteryHealthEnabler(iPad/iPod) (Free)

BatteryHealthEnabler(iPad/iPod) Repo:


PowerUp is a free jailbreak battery tweak for iOS 14 that helps jailbreakers charge their devices faster by putting them into a hibernation-like state when connected to a power source. Mainly, PowerUp reduces battery discharge while charging and charging time.

The tweak is compatible with iOS 13 and iOS 14 devices and is open-sourced on Github.

Download: PowerUp (Free)

PowerUp Repo:

SmartBattery 2 – $1.99

SmartBattery 2 is an ultimate charging tweak that enhances the battery experience on your jailbroken device in many ways. Mainly, it offers a feature to estimate how long it will take before the device reaches a full charge while plugged in.

Behalf of that, it provides many other useful charging features such as a notification sound when fully charged, monitoring, saving and tunning your battery, smart charging capabilities to increase charging speed, details about your current charger, and more.

Buy: SmartBattery 2 ($1.99)

SmartBattery 2 Repo:


Vaon is an add-on for the App Switcher that adds convenient battery information for Bluetooth devices in the iOS app switcher. With it, users can view the battery percentages of their iPhones and any connected devices quickly every time you enable the App Switcher.

Vaon Features

  • Showing Bluetooth device battery information on the app switcher
  • Displays AirPods, Apple Watch, iPhone/iPad, and any other Bluetooth device.
  • Shows the last known battery status of disconnected devices.
  • iPad Style grid app switcher
  • Custom sizing and placement
  • Animates the color of the charging device’s battery cell outline

The tweak supports jailbroken iOS 13 and 14 devices and is open-sourced on GitHub.

Download: Vaon (Free)

Vaon Repo:

There are undoubtedly many tweaks that can improve the charging experience on iOS 14. But we would like to keep this post readable by mentioning the tweaks that we used.

Are you looking for more jailbreak tweaks? Try these:

So, here are some of the best charging tweaks for iOS 14. If you use charging tweaks that I have not mentioned above, be sure to share in the comments section below.

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