Continuing our unrelenting coverage of new jailbreak tweak releases, we will cover some of the best jailbreak tweaks for making the iPhone easier to use. So, this time we offer you some jailbreak tweaks for the Calculator app. As you know, the Stock Calculator app of your iPhone supports the most basic mathematical functions. So, if you have been looking for better calculator tweaks to improve the user experience, this article brings you the best calculator tweaks iOS 14.

  1. CCCalc – Free
  2. Digitnetic – $0.99
  3. PerfectCalc – Free
  4. MathTeacher – Free
  5. NerdMode – Free

So, without wasting any more of your time, let’s dive into it.

Best tweaks for Calculator app in iOS 14


CCCalc is the best Control Center Calculator jailbreak tweak for iOS 14, turning your control center’s calculator module into an accurate, working calculator. In other words, it allows jailbreakers to quickly launch the Calculator app without opening the stock Calculator app on iOS. Jailbreakers can launch it by long pressing on the Control Center’s Calculator module.

This newly-released CCCalc tweak makes the Control Center Calculator module more practical. The simple Calculator shortcut turns into a full-fledged Calculator app that can make all sorts of calculations such as main functions including +, -, *, %, /, and more.

If the Calculator button is not available in the Control Center, you can add it by tapping Settings > Control Center > Scroll down and tap the green ‘+’ button next to Calculator.

Download: CCCalc (Free)

CCCalc Repo:


Digitnetic is a paid jailbreak tweak that adds a floating phone keypad and Calculator for iOS 14. This Digitnetic tweak makes it super convenient for jailbreakers to access Calculator and Phone keypad on their device. Primarily, it’s also useful for anyone who needs to use the Calculator to solve math problems.

Nevertheless, users can access it anywhere on iOS by performing a simple gesture or shaking the device.

The interactable floating widget also allows users to enter numbers and perform other actions. Additionally, it enables users to paste numbers and phone numbers.

Especially, users can simply use and switch between Calculator or Phone keypad and access the Digitnetic menu by shaking the iPhone to show the Digitnetic floating widget. Then long press on the widget to display a menu, and it lets you switch between Calculator and Phone keypad.

Digitnetic tweak supports both light and dark modes. Also, it supports custom colors, and you add any color of your choice to the tweak. The tweak is only compatible with iOS 14.

Buy: Digitnetic ($0.99)

Digitnetic Repo:


One of the stock calculator app’s shortcomings compared to handheld calculators is that the iPhone’s stock calculator doesn’t show a running history of your math anywhere in the app. To solve it, PerfectCalc is a free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer MiRO92, which integrates with the native calculator app for iOS, and it keeps the calculations in the Calculator app. So, it helps to ensure that the user enters the arithmetic entry accurately before receiving an answer.

If you install the tweak, it offers many advantages. So, you can,

  • Double-check the math included in the calculator app
  • Increase user confidence in the answer output
  • Can identify all the errors done by the user by tapping the wrong keys while performing the mathematical functions in the app.

PerfectCalc tweak iOS 14 offers a single purpose and supports jailbroken iOS 14 & iPadOS 14 devices.

Download: PerfectCalc (Free)

PerfectCalc Repo:


MathTeacher is one of the best calculator tweaks iOS 14 that allows jailbreakers to fully customize the native Calculator app and enhance it by bringing much-needed upgrades. The MathTeacher tweak is similar to the new PerfectCalc tweak and shows you the entered math before receiving the answer. The tweak also brings a new fantastic design and a layout for the calculator app.

Once installed, MathTeacher offers the following improvements.

  • It shows your current math calculation
  • Offers a copy button to store a result in your Clipboard
  • Supports both light and dark mode
  • Colorization options
  • Layout options

You can visit the hidden preference window for MathTeacher by holding on to the Copy button for a few seconds. It also lets you customize your Calculator app to your liking.

MathTeacher is compatible with iOS 12, 13, and 14 devices.

Download: MathTeacher (Free)

MathTeacher Repo: Bigboss


NerdMode is a simple calculator tweak for nerds. Simply, it displays ‘Nerd Mode: On’ or ‘Nerd Mode: Off’ at the top of the calculator app when you switch between standard (portrait) and scientific (landscape) modes.  

NerdMode tweak supports iOS 11 or higher.

Download: NerdMode (Free)

NerdMode Repo:

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Here are some of the best Calculator tweaks iOS 14 I know. So, if you know more jailbreak tweaks for Calculator, be sure to share them in the comments section below.

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