This week, continues its effort to assist its readers in discovering some of the best jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14. This time, we’re focusing on tweaks that enhance iOS 14’s 3D Touch and Haptic Touch features. The 3D Touch/Haptic Touch feature can be used anywhere throughout iOS. Therefore, there are many jailbreak tweaks available. If you want your jailbroken iOS 14 device to do cool things when using those helpful gestures, check out some of the best 3D Touch & Haptic Touch tweaks iOS 14 below.

The best jailbreak tweaks for 3D Touch and Haptic Touch for iOS 14


Do you have an app that annoys you by pushing too many notifications? So, you can disable that app’s notifications altogether in the Notifications preferences in the Settings app. However, if you have a lot of apps that push many notifications, this is a time-consuming procedure.

Quiet is a simple and free 3D touch menu tweak that allows jailbreakers to disable notifications from the Home Screen by using a 3D Touch/Haptic Touch feature on the app icon. After installation, a new option is added to the apps’ 3D touch menu to mute notifications.

You can read our full review about Quiet jailbreak tweak to learn more about it.


Normally, we keep at least a few favorite contacts on our iPhones, such as our family, best friends, or close friends. They are the contacts we are in constant contact with. Fortunately, Apple allows users to set the phone’s favorite contacts in the app, and it is easy to connect with them when you need a few steps.

But if you want a more convenient way, CallFavorites is a newly released and free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Pixelomer. It lets users call their favorite contacts directly from the Home Screen by simply performing a 3D touch or Haptic touch gesture on the phone app icon.

To learn more about it, you can read our full review about CallFavorites tweak.

Crane – $1.99

Crane is an awesome jailbreak tweak that allows jailbreakers to use the 3D Touch/Haptic Touch shortcut for Home Screen’s apps to manage different containers. Simply, jailbreakers can sign in to multiple accounts even if the app doesn’t support it.

You can select which account you wish to use and log in with that one to do activities utilizing the 3D Touch/Haptic Touch gesture. If you want to use a different account, you can select another account from the menu.

Buy: Crane ($1.99)

Crane Repo:


AddToFolder is a free jailbreak tweak that allows jailbreakers quickly and easily add apps to new or existing folders by using the 3D Touch/Haptic Touch menu on the Home Screen. With this 3D touch tweak for iOS 14, You can add applications to the folder you want without browsing your crowded home screen.

Simply, AddToFolder adds an item to 3DTouch Menu, allowing you to choose the destination folder. Just hold on to an app icon, choose to Add to folder action, and choose between one of your folders.

You can watch how this tweak works.

Download: AddToFolder (Free)

AddToFolder Repo:


If your Home Screen have a lot of apps installed and is incredibly cluttered, you might confuse about finding a specific app icon. So, iGotBlind, a free and handy jailbreak tweak, has been released by iOS developer Miro92.

After installation, from the Spotlight Search interface, you may use a 3D Touch/Haptic Touch gesture on the respective app icon to access an option to go directly to the icon on your Home Screen.

In our full review post, you can learn more about the iGotBlind tweak and how it works.


Someday, almost every iPhone or iPad user may realize that they want to clean their devices’ Home Screen because they may need more storage space or have installed too many unused apps. So, if you also have decided that you don’t want those apps anymore, it can be a tedious and time-consuming process to delete them one by one. If so, you may appreciate a simple and free jailbreak tweak called Speedy.

As the name implies, Speedy tweak allows users to delete apps in bulk quickly by reducing the number of taps and time.

Working on this tweak is simple. If you want to uninstall more than one app, you can choose the Batch Uninstall option by performing a 3D Touch or Haptic Touch gesture on an app icon. This is a great way to clear apps to reclaim storage space.

Download: Speedy (Free)

Speedy Repo:


You may need to see more information about your device at a glance. Therefore, 3DSettingsInfo is a free 3D touch jailbreak tweak that allows you to see information about your jailbroken iPhone with a simple 3D Touch or Haptic Touch gesture on the Settings app icon. Once installed, it shows your current Wi-Fi network, data speeds, battery percentage, and more.

Download: 3DSettingsInfo (Free)

3DSettingsInfo Repo:


When you use apps, they create cache files that help the app load faster the next time you launch it. Unfortunately, some apps create large caches and take up massive storage space. For example, Social media apps.

So, you may want to manage caches manually because of their size. The CacheClearerX tweak lets you clear an app’s cache from the Home Screen’s 3D Touch/Haptic Touch menu.

Download: CacheClearerX (Free)

CacheClearerX Repo:


Apple did something interesting by adding a hidden menu to the Haptic Touch/3D Touch gesture to the individual Home Screen app icons. It contains some useful app-specific actions. However, many redundant options, such as the Edit Home Screen and Remove App actions, serve no use other than to add to the clutter.

So, if you want to remove the aforementioned redundant options from your Home Screen’s Haptic Touch/3D Touch menus, you can install a new and free jailbreak tweak called NoJunkQuickActions.

In our full review post, you can learn more about the NoJunkQuickActions Tweak and how it works.


3Developer is a useful jailbreak tweak for developers as it allows users to get useful information from the Home Screen’s 3D Touch/Haptic Touch menu. Those things are: you can view and copy an app’s bundle ID, launch the app’s bundle folder via the Filza app, and use FlexDecrypt.

Download: 3Developer (Free)

3Developer Repo:


You may experience that the Software update notification badge cannot be removed from the Settings app icon on the home screen without installing the update. Fortunately, a new jailbreak tweak has been released called Begone.

Begone jailbreak tweak adds a new 3D touch menu item labeled Clear Notifications to all apps that will temporarily clear the notification badge for that app.

Download: Begone (Free)

Begone Repo:

Are you looking for more specialized jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14?

Of course, those are the best 3D Touch & Haptic Touch tweaks iOS 14. If I have missed something, please share them by dropping a comment in the comment section below.

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