Avya is an ultimate notification banner hiding tweak

When your iPhone is locked, iOS hides the content of notification banners on your lock screen until you verify yourself. Then others will not be able to see your notifications in the first place. That is one of Apple’s brilliant privacy features. Sometimes, you will receive a private notification while your iPhone isn’t in your hand. For example, while you show a photo/video to your friend, you get that personal notification banner that your friend shouldn’t see.

Some users usually use the Do Not Disturb mode when showing their iPhone screen to someone else, preventing private messages from receiving the notification banners. But Avya is a free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Blackstar that hides notification banners when sharing your screen with others. The developer also promises to add many more new features in future updates.

After installation, you can see above screenshots how banner notifications appear when the tweak is disabled (Left Image) and how they don’t appear when the tweak is enabled (Right Image).

Once installed, you can turn on or off Avya tweak from the dedicated preference pane in the Settings app. But, you can turn on or off the actual notification-hiding capabilities on demand by performing an Activator action.

For example, we have chosen to press both the volume up and down buttons simultaneously, which can be easily activated from anywhere in iOS. Significantly, Avia provides haptic feedback after you enable or disable the action. So, you can easily understand if this feature has been activated by accident.

Avya Tweak upcoming features

  • Status bar dot indicator to notify when you turn on the feature
  • Enable or Disable Control Center toggle
  • Ability to include/exclude certain apps
  • Timer to automatically disable the tweak
  • Ability to hide app badges
  • Ability to get alert when toggle enable/disabled
  • Facility to include/exclude contacts

For those who like to try Avya, can download for free from the Packix repository. This tweak supports jailbroken iOS 14 devices. It is also open source in Github.

Do you intend to protect the confidentiality of your notification with Avya? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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