On March 2, 2022, Apple officially announced the “Peek performance” event is held on Tuesday, March 8. As usual, the media invitation was well designed and included a three-dimensional version of the Apple logo, along with a series of outlined colors. Especially, this article presents you with Apple Peek performance event wallpapers for your devices. These Apple Peek performance wallpapers are compatible with your iMac, iPad Pro, and iPhone.

Apple “Peek performance” wallpapers

This Colorful 3D Apple Logo was extracted from the actual invitation, and the #000000 True Black background is also perfect for OLED screen iPhones. As the backgrounds of all these wallpapers are True Black colors, the great popping, multi-colored Apple logo appears well.

According to the rumors, the event will include new hardware, such as a new iPhone SE with updated internals and a unique design similar to the iPhone 12.

Especially, the invitation is simple, and the colorful Apple logo makes these wallpapers an attractive addition to your wallpaper collection.

Download Apple “Peek performance” event wallpapers

Mainly, this wallpaper pack includes three wallpapers for your iMac, iPad, and iPhone and is available in resolution as follows.

  • iMac – 6016×3384 pixels
  • iPad – 2732×2732 pixels
  • iPhone – 1284×2778 pixels

Note: These are the preview of the wallpapers and low quality. So, if you need to download these wallpapers in full resolution, use the link below each wallpaper or download them in the Google Drive link provided below.

Apple peek performance iPhone event wallpaper

iPad peek performance Apple event wallpaper

Peek performance Apple event wallpaper in 6K

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